gawz-artSmall YouTube user “GawZ” still running from the truth.

A big upcoming YouTube star named Mini Cone has recently released two videos exposing “Gawz” for various reasons.

Reasons ranging from self promotion to “Gawz” choking on his own words.

We are good friends with upcoming YouTube star Mini Cone and he has infact revealed that there is still one more video yet to be released.

The two exposed videos that have already been released have blown up on YouTube, featuring on the trending page of the site.

Although “Gawz” has lost his dignity in front of thousands of YouTube users, he is yet to make a response video. This has left Gawz’ fans with many questions:

Does he still care about us?

Gawz: “Sorry fans but Adsense pennies are the only reason why I am excreting sub-par content.” 

Is the channel dying?

Gawz: “No, as long as Mini Cone does not release the third exposed video the channel is safe.”

Will you play any games other than Rust?

Gawz: “Only I have my master Kroniks’ consent”

Those are some reponses from  “Gawz” himself.

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