Little did we know it, but George Clooney has a few skincare secrets that he’s been keeping up his sleeves! He revealed his twenty top tips in an exclusive interview with the Spitznogle Rustler:


  1. Steam can help open up your pores
  2. Toothpaste a zit when you’re really in need.
  3. A religious skin care routine is key
  4. DIY can do a face good
  5. It’s not always what goes on your body, it’s what goes in it!
  6. Alcohol can do wonders bu only in (hee hee!) moderation
  7. Oils aren’t just for your face and hair
  8. Ice can help firm up your skin in a pinch
  9. Use a potato slice to get rid of dark circles.
  10. Go to bed with bee pollen on your face
  11. Never touch your face.
  12. Invest in a good facialist
  13. Give Yourself a Facial Massage
  14. Sleep on Your Back
  15. Put Some Salt on It
  16. Wash Your Hands
  17. Make a DIY Peel
  18. Bend Over
  19. Cleanse Your Skin From the Inside