1. Dirty Money


Money is yours, you just have have to learn to take it.  No matter what the consequences.

2. Impress your Bossth

Take them out for a coffee or invite them for a meal.  There is nothing wrong with getting close to a person in a higher position that you.

3. Easy Money


If someone offers you money, take it.  Hell, I know I would.  It’s too easy.

4. Fake news


Make a fake news site on WordPress and write click bate articles to share on Facebook, sit back and watch as that sweet advertising dollar rolls right into your wallet

10. Cut Corners

Image result for peeking around corner man

Efficiency is key here.  The more you produce, the more you gonna earn.  It’s just that simple.



I do not endorse nor condone any of the points raised in this article.  In fact, you could even say I am “impartial”.