Dove Reviews have made a name for themselves in recent months, with two consecutive releases of satirically solid content. In a world of brash Americanised YouTubers, the Dove twins shine through with a real sense of British cynicism. Their eccentricities make for captivating entertainment, whilst they still maintain a subtle but ever present sense of self assurance that suggests they understand very well what draws in their prospering fan base.

“Hit us up ladies.” – Dove Reviews, Bebeto Bubble Gum Review

Since having established much of their comedic style in their first release, the Dove Twins now revel in the more decorative minutiae of production, showing flashes of brilliance throughout their newer pieces. After overcoming the initial elation that accompanies a Dove Reviews release, the transcendental echoes of the preceding videos began to fluster in my mind: How could they top their previous content? Would they be able to sustain this admirable work rate?

dove revs.png

All my doubts and reservations were immediately subdued when the Twins painfully slurred their way through the introduction. There are times when I genuinely lack words to illustrate how brilliant a scene is. The distinct lack of passion only serves to elude piles and piles sexual tension throughout, which will no doubt bring in a whole other kind of audience for the Dove Twins. When I see newcomers like them effortlessly devise the most clever solution to every problem, I can’t help but see them as delightful instances of manhood: their every word is a song, their every movement a dance.

“Crusty.” – Dove Reviews, Hot Dog Costume Review

Over my many years, I’ve never spotted such an underappreciated talent as the Dove Twins. For those that haven’t yet seen the video, I won’t spoil its content, and I urge you give them a chance.