PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED – Do not view this content unless you’re wearing your shit proof trousers – what you are about to view is truly disturbing to an unprecedented degree. Adam J Maxwell, latest guest star of the infamous Dove twins new video: Hot Dog Costume Review, and director in chief of worldwide sensations such as 2009: A Year of Film and Outside has crafted one of the most night-terror inducing videos of out time. The film starts out with a title screen and the sound of our mystery protagonist crunching through the leaves. Was this possibly a tribute to other infamous horror films such as Psycho or The Blair Witch Project, which are also know to have included a screen showing the title of the film, or is it just another ingenious outpouring of Maxwell’s seemingly limitless creativity?

Some of Maxwell’s attention to detail is truly inspirational. As you can see in the image below, our victim is in his kitchen walking towards the window, outside which the murderer awaits. To a casual observer this image may be taken at face value. However some  of the more astute Maxwell fans may pick up up the subtle placement of seemingly mundane household items such as the bottles of wine and various other beverages that can be seen in the image below. It is my belief that these were placed there to highlight to the viewer the copious amounts of blood present at all of the murderer’s killings. The blood dripping off her face is like the wine on the counter, but it is still in the bottle, waiting to be spilled, foreshadowing the impending death of our man in white, Alec. It is cinematic devices like this and other dramatic effects that the ever unfolding Maxwell has hidden that take The Girl from being a good film to a great film.


It is in summary then that I would give the girl a solid 74.325 on the infamous Spitznogler Scale. Its films like this that gave Bleasby its name in the cinematic world and I think you will join me in wishing Maxwell the best in all future endeavors.