Many among us remember the great 2010 World Cup in South Africa, filled with audacious football, the screaming of thousands of die-hard fans and the shrieks of Vuvuzelas. But fast forward 6½ years and football matches have become disturbingly quiet. What happened to all the Vuvuzelas?

To get to the bottom of this mystery, I tracked down the inventor of the glorious instrument. Jim Mcgrager, 35, was a naive 25 year old when he came up with what many call the defining cultural icon of the 21st Century.

“I didn’t know how popular thy would become. It was only something to annoy me dad, originally. But then I sold one to me mate, and his mate wanted one, and it all just took off, you know?”

Yes, Jim. I do know. Between 2007 and 2010 over 30 trillion Vuvuzelas were sold world wide. By the time the world cup came around the market was saturated. Poor Jim never made a penny, as he forgot to patent his creation and is currently suing Amazon,Walmart, and his dad’s shop (the largest vuvuzela distributors) for a total sum of One Billion Dollars.

But if you go on Amazon today, there is no option to purchase a vuvuzela. This is the same for Walmart and Jim’s dad said he stopped selling them years ago when his supplier (Jim’s mate’s mate) broke his arm after falling of a tree. Where did they all go?

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